Our Team

Dedicated. Hardworking. Friendly.

Wayne and Cheryl Nettleton- Owners

Wayne and Cheryl are the owners and founders of Eagle Peak Containers. From humble roots they built the business from the ground up. Working hands on in every aspect of the corporation for 30+ years, they have recently retired and passed the business on to the next generation, their daughter Chessa- VP Accounts & Operations, and Nephew In-law Jack- Plant and Production Manager. Still involved in important decisions they enjoy doing business from sunny locations as they travel and enjoy their retirement.

Chessa Nettleton-VP Accounts and Operations

Whitworth University- B.A., Business Administration, 2011

Chessa focuses on the financial operations of Eagle Peak Containers, taking great pride in honesty and accountability of finances within the corporation. Chessa is the head of accounts payable and receivable and is in charge of all policies and contracts. She takes great pride in being a supportive leader to those within the organization. The only daughter of Wayne and Cheryl Nettleton, Chessa has grown up with Eagle Peak being a mainstay in her life and was known to answer the business phone as a very professional 2 year old.

Crystal Westphal-Head of Sales and Purchasing

North Idaho College- A.A.S., Accounting Assistant, 2011

Crystal runs our sales and purchasing departments, taking great care of each customer and vendor at a personal level. Crystal's joyful demeanor is contagious and she works diligently to perform all of her tasks to the absolute best of her ability. Crystal is also our main contact for logistics coordination. She is always looking for new ways to better serve our customers and vendors alike.


Jack Meredith

Plant and Production Manager

Jack runs our production and main plant operations. He is in charge of quality control and makes sure that our products are produced with integrity and quality. Jack is a motivated manager and is always looking for ways to improve and move forward. Jack is a forward thinker that has been a great asset to the company. He is in charge of production scheduling and maintenance and runs our production crew with integrity.

Warehouse Production Team

Our production and warehouse laborers are an integral part of our company. They work hard every day producing orders quickly and efficiently. Providing the product that our company is built on is the most important piece of the puzzle and these guys work hard to make sure our customers are happy.