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Eagle Peak Containers Inc.


Sustainably Supplying Farming, Ranching, Homesteading and Many Other Markets Since 1980

Headquartered in Athol, Idaho Eagle Peak Containers is a family owned and operated corporation focused on the sustainable distribution of food grade material only, food and water storage containers. Our philosophy stems from old world family values. We treat every customer individually and with undivided attention. We love the outdoors, we love the ranching and farming community, and we honor the other industries that rely on us to supply their needs such as independent growers, family farms, practical preppers and the individual that pays us a visit for only one or two containers. We strive to do everything to the best of our ability and value honesty, integrity and accountability through all of our business operations. We have gleaned what our customers are looking for over the past 30+ years and feel confident that we can meet your container needs. Our products are versatile, the possibilities for uses stretch far beyond just feed and water storage, if you have an idea we can help you achieve your DIY goals! Our members have experience raising and caring for livestock, gardening, composting and more, we are here to help find the right container solution for you.

Eagle Peak Containers has the ability to fill large orders and can handle high volume. We offer a dedicated logistics department to aid in getting your order to you the quickest and most affordable way possible.  We are mainly a wholesale operation working with truckload quantities, but we are more than willing to work with you whether you need 1 container, 50 containers or 1000's of containers.

Eagle Peak Containers cares about the environment! Our team is involved in a great number of outdoor activities from roaring down an ATV trail, to maneuvering the trickiest mountain trail on horseback, to hunting and packing, to fishing the majestic lakes and rivers of the Northwest, we LOVE getting outside! Our containers are USED and that means that we are not putting more plastic into the environment, conversely we are re-purposing an existing product and giving it a new use. This means that our product is not only easy to use but is also easy on our great planet. PLUS we deal in Food Grade only material, which means our products previously held some form of food product and you never have to worry about any harmful chemicals being previously held in our containers. 

Get in touch with us to learn how we can meet your storage container or farming needs!





Main Plant

6250. E. Menser Ave
Athol, ID. 83801


(877)868-1195 (toll free)

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What We Do

Small Containers and Buckets

We offer an assortment of USED small containers and buckets. These containers are perfect for smaller jobs and easier handling-15 gal capacity and under.

Steel Containers

We offer a variety of USED 55 gal steel containers in varying grades. High grade painted (outside only) and non painted DOT and UN drums, high grade honey drums, medium grade berry drums and low grade "burn barrels" Both lever locking rings and bolt rings are available with our open top steel drums.  We also offer closed top steels for fuel and liquid storage.

Food and Feed Storage - Poly Containers

Our USED 50, 55 and 60 gallon screw top containers offer the perfect long term human food or livestock feed storage solution. They are rodent proof, air tight and easily accessible. Featuring a "mason jar" type lid our screw tops make storing your goods simple. This special two piece lid system, available on our 50-55 gal red containers, sports a solid plastic insert lid that sits flush with the barrel opening and is secured with the screw down "ring" lid just like a mason jar.  Other options availalble include single piece screw top lids and single piece screw top lids with a bung in the center.  These are the perfect solution to storage needs on the ranch, farm or homestead.

Large Containers/Totes

We offer larger storage containers to fit the needs of ranchers and farmers. Our USED 275 gal totes are equipped with an aluminum cage which offers structure, support and protection. These containers have a 7 inch dust cap on the top and a 2 inch ball valve at the bottom. We occasionally have USED175 gal containers available as well, please ask about availability.

Water and Liquid Storage Containers

We offer a wide range of USED poly containers with half inch brass spigots. A normal garden hose attaches to the spigot for easy use and drainage. We can spigot any poly container and spigot location can be customized by the buyer.  Multiple spigots and locations are also available upon customer request. These containers are easily linked together via the spigots to form a functional multi drum rain barrel set up.

FIBC bags, burlap sacks and container accessories

FIBC bags are a convienent way to store or transport large quantities of bulk feed. Our FIBC bags have shoots and draw strings along with forklift loops to make handling a breeze. We also offer burlap sacks and container accessories such as poly and brass spigots, hand pumps and poly mil bags.


“Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God”
— 1 Corinthians 10:31